A ‘Wednesday’ spinoff series: Uncle Fester?

Netflix is hoping to cash in on Wednesday's massive success

Hoping to cash in on Wednesday’s stratospheric success, Netflix is looking to create a spinoff series revolving around Fred Armisen’s Uncle Fester character. The news has been independently verified by Deadline, Forbes and Bloomberg. And a bunch of other publications as well.

While the focus remains on preparation for Season 2 of Wednesday, conversations—serious conversations—are going on in the background. Bloomberg provides us with a succinct summary of what is going on:

As with any TV show in development, there is no guarantee the Uncle Fester show will ever happen. The writers have to figure out the story, the company needs to negotiate contracts with talent, and the schedules of the individuals must align. But Netflix is eager to establish a pipeline of Addams Family programs to build off the success of Wednesday.

Armisen guest starred in S1 E7 of Wednesday in a memorable appearance as Uncle Fester, brother of Wednesday’s father Gomez Addams (Luis Guzman), who used his ability to generate electricity to revive Thing.

Wednesday ranks as Netflix’s most popular English-language series with 252.1 million views, almost doubling the next most popular TV season on the streamer. It is perhaps not shocking that Netflix wants to build on Wednesday’s massive achievement.

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