Jenna was the sixth most searched-for person WORLDWIDE in 2023

Jenna's fans toast her mind-blowing accomplishment

As reported by Google Trends, Jenna Ortega was the sixth most searched-for person of 2023. The sixth most-searched for person in the world.

The sixth most searched-for person anywhere.

The numbers are staggering. Out of the 8.02 billion people on this planet who might have found themselves plugged into a Google search engine, Jenna was Number Six.

Put in terms of popularity, in terms of being highly-sought-after, Jenna can rightfully be considered number one out of 1,336,666,666 people.

Thanks to her performance in Wednesday, compounded by her roles in the Scream franchise and the thirty-plus movie and TV roles before that, Jenna has been catapulted to a level of fame few celebrities could even dream of achieving.

Across the internet, saturating social media, people are raving about her accomplishment. But for all who are true fans, the numbers are not surprising.

Given this measure of achievement, the term “congratulations” seems rather lukewarm. After all, we’re proud and impressed. Jenna has a sparkling future ahead of her. This is just the beginning.

Never mind a key to the city—Jenna deserves a key to the world.

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