Jenna imagined in fan-generated trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Jenna meets Johnny Depp in this fictional adaptation of a Disney classic

The sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean—should there be one—hasn’t started filming yet, but that hasn’t stopped the fan group KH Studio from creating a “first” Unofficial Trailer, with Johnny Depp reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow and Jenna coming along as Sparrow’s daughter.

In the trailer below, version six is given the title Beyond the Horizon.

According to its statement page, KH Studio creates concept mashup trailers and much more “just for fun” using a variety of effect techniques, sound design, AI technologies, movie analytics, and other elements to bring its vision to life. The studio scoured various Pirates of the Caribbean and Jenna Ortega movies to create the mashup above. We recognized one shot of Jenna that was taken from the final scene of The Fallout.

As for the reality behind the vision, it’s unknown if Jack Sparrow will ever return, given where Depp has left off. provides us with a little insight into the issue:

Disney severed ties with Depp amidst his legal troubles following an op-ed by [Amber] Heard in The Washington Post in 2018, which alluded to allegations of abuse. During the subsequent defamation trial, Depp expressed a firm stance against returning to the franchise, even humorously dismissing a hypothetical offer from Disney involving “$300 million and a million alpacas”​​.

However, Depp also conveyed a sentimental desire to give Captain Jack Sparrow a “proper goodbye,” hinting at a willingness to continue in the role if it meant concluding the character’s story on a higher note than his last outing​​. Additionally, the actor has returned to appearing as the character in special videos for fans, so his love for the role is clear to see. Despite this, Disney’s official stance remains noncommittal, with hints at honoring the franchise’s legacy while exploring new stories​​. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has expressed interest in Depp’s return, adding a layer of hope for fans longing for one last adventure with their favorite pirate​​.

Above: Jenna imagined as Jack Sparrow’s daughter

As for whether Jenna might entertain the idea of joining Depp in this fictional future project, we’d say it’s unlikely, but then again, stranger things have happened. This is Hollywood after all.

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